Considerations When Developing Physiotherapy Programs for Seniors

As a person ages, the body gives in to various illnesses. General physiotherapy is a medical intervention that can assist seniors in retaining the functionality of ailing body parts. It helps to strengthen muscles, manage injuries and body pains, improve mental activity and restore mobility. A well-planned physio program can assist a person remain healthy and comfortable during their old age. Below are some considerations you need to make when planning a physio program for a senior.  


Old people suffer from various conditions that can be managed through physiotherapy. Illnesses such as diabetes may have been diagnosed earlier in life while pulmonary diseases may develop due to old age. Nonetheless, these conditions get worse as the person ages because the body systems are weak. Before any physiotherapy program is rolled out, an assessment must be done to determine what conditions the person suffers from. 


Different forms of physiotherapy can benefit seniors. After conducting an assessment, the physiotherapist designs a treatment plan to address the patient's needs. For instance, manual therapy can be used to improve muscle strength and balance, while electrotherapy can be used to improve motor control. 


Senior adults require the support of family members to adhere to general physiotherapy. Some of the exercises might be excruciating, hence the person may lack the motivation to perform them repeatedly. Besides, some seniors may not see the need to adhere to physio as they associate old age with death. A supportive family will ensure the person is motivated to attend physiotherapy sessions. 


A successful physio program must be goal oriented. It is essential to differentiate the patient's goals from the program's goals. For instance, the patient's goal may be to walk independently, while the goal of the therapy may be to improve muscle strength. It is vital that the patient is involved in the goal-setting process. This will help motivate them to undertake physiotherapy.


There are various settings that the person may receive general physiotherapy. It may be provided at home, in a hospital, at an old people's home or at community outreach centres. The location you choose should be convenient for the person. Besides, he or she should receive the therapy on a frequent basis from qualified medical personnel. 

General physiotherapy can help manage a variety of illnesses among old people. The primary considerations to make when planning a physio program for an old person are needs, treatment, support, goals and location. 

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