Hearing Aid Solutions for Teens That Parents Should Consider

If you are the parent of a teenager who needs hearing aids, then you may be at a loss for options that fit your teen's needs. You may be able to find the right hearing aid, but you want your teen to feel comfortable with it and comfortable wearing it around their friends. If this is the case, then here are a few of the hearing aid solutions for teens that, as a parent, you should consider. These are options that are recent upgrades, as well as available through your hearing aid or health care clinic physician. 

Smart-Connected Hearing Aids

One of the most common options for teens that need hearing aids are smart-connected hearing aids. These aids connect to smartphones and various apps that can help to enhance hearing in different situations. The basic way these apps work is by connecting through Bluetooth technology to your teens hearing aids. The apps then work to isolate certain sounds, remove background noise or enhance the voice of nearby people to help your teen better understand and communicate without having to work through different jumbled noises that can often interfere with their hearing aid.

Ultra-Durable Hearing Aids

Most teens are involved in sports or have hectic lives at school and outside of the home. These lifestyles and activities can work against hearing aids by causing damage to the hearing aid itself. The hearing aid can also be dropped during removal, causing it to break or become damaged. For this reason, one of the hearing aid options for your teen that you should consider as a parent is an ultra-durable model. In some cases, these are also called sports or active hearing aids. They are made to withstand higher levels of impact to prevent damage to the outside of the hearing aid and the working mechanics inside the hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Pens and Accessories

When you begin looking at hearing aid options for your teen, you will find options like hearing aid pens and other devices. These pens can be used as refillable writing instruments or a stylus for tablets. The pens work on the same principle as the smartphone connected hearing aid apps and devices. The pen or other accessory simply takes the place of an app and helps to weed out background noises, so it is easier for your teen to hear. The pens and other accessories connect to your teens hearing aid via Bluetooth connections.

These are only a few of the many hearing aid solutions for teens that parents should consider. If any of these options sound ideal for your teen. Consider contacting your local health care clinic, or your hearing professional for an appointment. They can discuss these options, pricing and ordering options with you during a consultation appointment.

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